Thornton Taekwon-Do
A proud member shcool of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF).
Renewal of USTF Memberships for 2018
It is time for the annual renewal of all USTF Members for 2018.  All students who are green belt or higher need join or renew their membership in the USTF each year.  The membership fees help to run the national organization including operational costs, insurance, USTF events, and other costs.  The memberships are due by March 30th.  Membership in the USTF is required for particiption in most USTF events and testings.

The cost for the initial membership or renewal is the same, $75 per student for the entire year.  There are family discounts for renewals.  There is link at the bottom of this page to bring up PDF copy of the form which you can print and fill-out.  Students who have already joined the USTF need to pay the annual maintenance fees.  Students who have not joined the USTF need to pay for a new USTF membership.  Students who are already members will have a USTF membership card with their membership number.  If there are any questions about whether a student is a member or not, please talk to Mr. Fitch.  Here are a few tips for filling out the membership application correctly.

  • Complete one form per student.
  • If there is more than one renewal in a family, submit all renewals at the same time to get the family discount.
  • For renewals, fill in the USTF number in the space for it right after the student's name.
  • The instructor's name is Mr. Daniel Fitch.
  • The school name is Thornton TKD.
  • Before March 10th, the regional director is Sr. Master Steadman.  As of March 10th, the regional director is Grand Master Steadman.
  • The state director is Mrs. Ruby.
  • Make all checks payable to "Thornton TKD".
  • Turn in completed forms with payment to Mr. Chandler.
If you have any questions about the amount that is due, please talk to Mr. Fitch or Mr. Chandler.