Thornton Taekwon-Do
A proud member shcool of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF).
Frequently Asked Questions
Taekwon-Do is a traditional martial art were students learn techniques for self-defense and health.  The physical skills include blocks, kicks, punches, holds, releases, take-downs, and throws.  The mental skills include courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.  Students demonstrate what they have learned through floor exercises and prescribed patterns.  They demonstrate the controlled application of the techniques through various types of sparring from solo step-sparring to free-sparring with a partner.  They demonstrate the pure power of the art by breaking plastic re-breakable boards, real wood boards, and concrete tiles.
There are many forms and styles of martial arts.  Taekwon-Do trains a student on how to defense themselves without the use of weapons, even if their opponent should have a weapon.  Students learn how to defend themselves against multiple opponents.  Balance, coordination, and focus can all improve with Taekwon-Do training.  Such skills can help a student in many aspects of their lives.

At the same time, students are learning mental skills as well.  Courtesy, integrity, and respect are valuable traits.  As students train in the art and advance, they will have opportunities to take on leadership roles within the school and USTF.  From mentoring students, becoming assistant instructors, and officiating at tournement the student will first-hand the benefits of these traits as they develop relationships that can last for a life-time around the country and around the world.
No, there are no contracts.  Students pay for their training a month at a time and are advanced as they become ready.  You do not need to commit to hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get started.
Like many other sports and activies, there are a few costs that come along with this program.  At Thornton TKD, we work hard to keep these costs as low as we can so everyone can get in to the program.

There is a monthly fee paid to the City of Thornton to participate in the recreational program.  Students will need to purchase a uniform.  There is a small fee for testings which happen about every four months.  There are small costs to participate in tournments, most of which are in the Denver/Boulder metro area.

Thornton TKD has some fund-raising opportunities to help students earn some funds to help cover these costs.  If paying for Taekwon training should become a problem, immediately talk with the instructor.
No, students do need to purchase a uniuform just to get started in class.  Students are welcome to start their training wearing loose-fitting comfortable clothing that allow for freedom of movement, especially kicking.  After about a month of training, students should purchase a uniform.  They will need a uniform before they test for their first belt which usually happens after about two months of training.
By coming to the classes regularly, a student will be given all the instruction and knowledge they need to earn their next rank.  It is up to the student to learn the skills well enough to earn their next belt.  Most students need about 20 to 25 classes to earn their next rank.  It all depends on how much the student practices both in and outside of class.

Color belt testing happen about every four months.  When the student shows that they are ready to test, the instructor will give them permission to test.  At the formal testing, the students will demonstrate their skills in front of a testing comprised of black belts.  If they pass their test, they will be given a certificate and their next belt.  Then the fun and challenge starts all over again.
Thornton Taekwon is a member school of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF).  The USTF has schools across the USA.  Any rank earned at Thornton TKD will transfer to any other school in the USTF.

The USTF also has very friendly relationships with Taekwon-Do organizations in other countries as well.  Rank may transfer readily in those countries as well.
The students uniform is purchased from the instructor.  This ensures that all of the uniforms are the same high-quality and are of the required design.

Students may purchase sparring equipment from any place desired, as long as it meets the requirements of the USTF for use in tournament competition.  All the necessary sparring equipment can be purchased directly from the instructor, usually at lower cost then can be found stores or on-line.  While you are free to purchase equipment from anywhere desired, be sure to talk with the instructor before buying sparring equipment from anywhere else.  The instructor will be able to help determine if the equipment will meet USTF requirements.  Equipment not meeting USTF requirements may not be permitted for use at a tournament.
The City of Thornton handles the monthly cost for participating in the program.  Those fees cover the cost of the facilites, a small budget for equipment, and paying the instructors as part-time employees of the City.

The other business activities including testing fees, sales of uniforms and equipment, and fundraising are best managed by a legitimate business.  Most martial arts schools form a business handle those activities in a legal and professional manner.  Mr. Fitch created a non-profit corporation called Tiger Shark Taekwon-Do, for another Taekwon-Do he was operating a couple of years before he took over as head instructor of Thornton Taekwon-Do.  Rather than creating a second corporation to duplicate Tiger Shark TKD, Mr. Fitch obtained the trade name "Thornton Taekwon-Do" for Tiger Shark.  This simplied business management and kept costs to a minimum.

Mr. Fitch receives no salary, wages, or bonuses from Tiger Shark.  All profits from Tiger Shark are used to purchase equipment and supplies for Thornton TKD or to provide scholarships for its students.