Thornton Taekwon-Do
A proud member shcool of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF).
The full school calendar is available on the Google account ThorntonTKD as the "Training Schedule" calendar.  Feel free to bookmark the calendar or link to it.  Below is a quick list of upcoming events:

  • Outdoor Training August 21st and 23rd
    The Community Center is closed for annual maintenance the week of August 21st.  Rather than stay home, we take advantage of the summer weather to train outdoors.  We use the volleyball area just north of the parking lot.  Students are welcome to wear hats, sun screen, and shoes.  And we are doing something different this year.  Class starts at 7 pm as usual.  Color belt students will be dismissed at 8 pm.  Black belt students will continue through 8:30 working on black belt self-defense IN THE DARK.  We do not get this type of training very often so I encourage all students to attend class.  There will be no access to the Community Center during this week.

  • Color Belt Testing August 30th
    We will have a formal testing for all color belt ranks on Thursday August 30th.  All students should plan on attending.  Red and black belt students will be needed to help run the test, grade students, and assist with breaking.  Families should come with cameras and plenty of cheering.  Certificates and belts will be presented on September 4th.  Any students who cannot make the testing on August 30th need to talk with Mr. Fitch about an alternate testing date.

  • Wyoming Invitational Tournament September 15th
    The annual Wyoming tournament will be held again this year in Casper Wyoming.  Students are highly encouraged to particpate in this tournament.  The Wyomings come to Denver several times a year to support our events.  It only seems fair that we support them at their tournament.  Download forms from here.

  • Sereff Championships 2018 October 14th
    The annual Sereff Chaampionship tournament will held in Broomfield on October 14th.  All students who have a uniforms are expected to participate.  Students who are certified referees are expected to work as well.  Any students who do not believe they will be able to compete or work should talk individually with Mr. Fitch.  This is the biggest tournament of the year, and the last one of the year.  Download forms from here.