Thornton Taekwon-Do
A proud member shcool of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF).
The full school calendar is available on the Google account ThorntonTKD as the "Training Schedule" calendar.  Feel free to bookmark the calendar or link to it.  Below is a quick list of upcoming events:

  • Halloween Workout (October 30th)
    The studens (and parents) are encouraged to dress in costumes.  Students need to be able to train in their costumes.  For more details, please read the October newsletter.

  • Knife and Weapons Defense seminar, November 3rd
    This seminar is designed for black belts but all ranks are invited.  This seminar is in Casper Wyoming.  Please read the October newsletter for more information.

  • Referee seminar (December 1st)
    The last seminar of the year will be a USTF Referee course.  This is designed for high-red belts and above who need their referee certification or need a refresher.  Please read the October newsletter for more information.

  • Formal Color Belt testing on Thursday December 6th.
  • Year-end Celebration on December 13th.